Same day delivery to all major tourist locations in Bali

  • 6 x Red Roses Bunch, Bali

    6 x Red Roses Bunch, Bali

    From $25

    Roses a the most recognisable flowers on the planet. Spoil her today!

  • 12 Red Roses Bunch, Bali

    12 Red Roses Bunch, Bali

    From $35

  • 1 Rose + Teddy Bear, Bali

    1 Rose + Teddy Bear, Bali

    From $35

  • 1 Rose + Teddy Bear + Chocolates, Bali

    1 Rose + Teddy Bear + Chocolates, Bali

    From $50

  • 3 Roses + Teddy Bear + Chocolates Bali

    3 Roses + Teddy Bear + Chocolates Bali

    From $55

  • 24 x Red Roses, Bali

    24 x Red Roses, Bali

    From $65

  • 12 Red Roses With Vase, Teddy And Chocs, Bali

    12 Red Roses With Vase, Teddy And Chocs, Bali

    From $90

  • 60 Red Roses Arrangement, Bali

    60 Red Roses Arrangement, Bali

    From $140




Welcome to Lily’s Florist Bali!

If you want to send flowers to Bali, Indonesia, Lily’s Florist Bali is extremely proud to present this unique and personal floral purchasing concept.

We deliver flowers to Seminyak, Ubud, Kuta, and Nusa Dua.

You see, we at Lily’s Florist Bali love it when women come into the shop, call us, or contact us online to order Valentine’s or Father’s Day flowers for their significant person; men ordering a bouquet or spray for their mothers or loving partners; fathers calling us to send flowers to their daughters; even women sending their best friends a gift hamper … yes, it’s a wonderful time to show someone you care in Bali! When words are not enough,

Lily’s Florist Bali, complement your day in a unique way to help your friends and loved ones to feel better when you send them flowers. Our flower arrangements set trends every day, all over the world, so welcome again to Lily’s Florist Bali, Indonesia. Guess what - looking for a Jakarta Florist? If so, we can organise same day flowers to Jakarta for you. Call us today. We are now based in Bali, the site to find all your answers regarding flowers and flower deliveries.

Picture this … there’s a knock on the door. You hear the words: “Flower Delivery!” Would you believe ... we can deliver smiles in Bali too? On opening the door, you are presented with a gorgeous vase filled with roses – and – you’re smiling – you’re surprised – then your whole day has changed for the better! Do you know the team at Lily’s Florist who arrange your exquisite gifts, comprise some of the finest florists in Bali, Indonesia? We know that by having the best florists on our staff we are able to deliver consistently the best flower arrangements and products. For us, delivering happiness is more than a just a nice thought. Since it has been our business for many years, we believe it’s a job we are lucky to have, and we know it; and when someone gets one of our floral arrangements, we can tell they agree also – it’s as plain as the smile on their face! Lily’s Florist Bali is now here to help you express feelings and thoughts easily, just by using a floral gift. We offer many years of floral experience and we have a reputation for being one of the best in the floral and gift industry.

Having spent all these years building trusted and dependable relationships with the best florists across Australia and the rest of the world, we are now in a position to offer the same reliable services. Our customer satisfaction comes from excellent service and high quality products, all arranged by out specialised team of professional floral designers who are always designing and arranging new displays that are both exquisite and innovative. So when you deal with us you can rest assured of a delivery that will make you and your recipient smile. Take a walk down the street with an armful of glorious, full-bloom hydrangeas, and experience the reactions from people walking by; see the smiles on their faces as they look at the lush, bursting-with-life floral arrangement giving a blast of nature, right in the middle of the city! Complete strangers will want to stop and talk and give complimentary remarks and respond with lit-up faces and “aaah” sounds usually reserved for babies and puppies! We may not talk to flowers, but they certainly communicate with us! Flowers are the most natural form of adornment … Nature’s jewellery.

People have been using flowers as a form of endearment since time began, but here and now at Lily’s Florist Bali, we see a rose or an oriental lily, we do not just see a beautiful flower, we see an opportunity to help someone express a feeling, whether it be appreciation, gratitude, adoration, love or sympathy. It can be hard to express what is in your heart, but a special bouquet of flowers can do the job remarkably well. It is well known that flowers have meanings associated with them, and there are flowers befitting specific occasions. Therefore, is it not relevant that flowers are a part of the most important occasions in our lives? After all, they are conspicuously present on weddings, birthdays, graduations, funerals, etc. forming an integral part of our lives. Some flowers even have religious significance also.

Actually, it is near impossible for anyone to be completely unaware of flower meanings. Like, nearly everyone knows that a red rose stands for romantic love, and that one does not send yellow roses to anyone in mourning. However, meanings are not only associated with roses, but with many other flowers as well. Poignantly, most people do not consider flower meanings before gifting a floral arrangement. Similarly, many people who receive flowers may not know their meaning, and hence miss the underlying message. Let’s see some of those meanings: • The Alstroemeria flower represents wealth, prosperity and fortune, and also a flower of friendship.

• The Amaryllis flower is noted for its splendid beauty and previously indicated worth beyond beauty.

• The Anemone flower, on a gloomier note, designates diminishing hope and a sensation of having been forsaken. However, on a positive note, it symbolises anticipation.

• The Anthurium indicates hospitality and is also used to indicate happiness and abundance.

• The Bird of Paradise symbolises joyfulness and magnificence. It can also show exciting and wonderful anticipation.

• The Chrysanthemum indicates fidelity, optimism, joy and long life. A red chrysanthemum conveys love.

However, whatever the meanings of flowers, you can rest assured your special flowers will be sent on the same day as your order; no occasion deserves to be missed. By doing this, we are able to deliver the freshest selection of flowers available by letting you share our website effortlessly. Create an eye-catching fulfilment instantly by ordering online, phone us, or walk in to one of our florist shops and witness the dazzle and delight your loved ones realise, wherever they may be. Obviously, we wish to make your shopping experience with us a hassle-free one, and in turn, we give you the option of specifying the time at which you want your gift delivered, and we will do our best to adhere to the instructions specified by you. So, you are never too late to spoil that special someone or celebrate a special, precious moment in time – however short – with our beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers artfully created and delivered. You can even order your flower delivery today, the next day, or any upcoming special date of your choosing. Whatever the celebration, sentiment or occasion, Lily’s Florist Bali have the know-how, the experience, and the perfect gift with which to deliver your message through the medium of lovely fresh flowers.