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If you are considering sending flowers in Legian, Bali, then go no further than Lily’s Florist Bali.

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Since we first began on the floral marketing industry in Australia numerous years ago, we have made every effort to attend to the explicit requirements and demands of our customers. Our objective has always been to be a one-stop-shop for all your flower requests. This is why we continually ensure flower arrangements and packages are available to suit all occasions and events.

Lily's Florist Legian, Bali observes the highest quality ideals with every one of our products; as a result, we are known far and wide as one of the most preferred florists.

Lily’s Florist Legian can deliver a wide range of beautiful, fresh flowers both in store and online. With our experienced florists and floral designers, we can create that stunning gift of flowers to mark any special occasion like anniversaries, birthdays, or perhaps just to say ‘hello.’

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Looking north towards Kuta, Legian proposes the same easy access to bars and shops with a slightly less chaotic feeling and more relaxed environment. Being a low-key region where you can still receive the inexpensive prices of Kuta, Legian offers an escape from the bustling crowds and has a popular surfing beach included!

Legian, Seminyak is really a subdivision of Kuta; however, the majority of Legian hotels are near the beach, and the complete area of Legian is no larger than a few blocks of a large city. Despite the small size, the region has a very high profile with visitors due to the lovely beach frontages and the proliferation of mid-market hotels.

At the lower area of Jalan Padma is the most popular part of Legian Beach which at times is named Padma Beach. The atmosphere here is more relaxed that Kuta beach and has various vendors under umbrellas selling beers, looking across to a less congested surf break. A long paved footpath in front of the hotels and the beach serves as an excellent walking pathway, allowing visitors an easy stroll along the beachfront to bars, restaurants and nightclubs. If you are not in a hurry, most of Legian can be covered on foot. However, taxis and motorbikes are plentiful from rental outlets.

The most popular aspect of Legian is the beach, and during Saturday and Sunday evenings it is packed with tourists, locals and expats, all vying with musicians and fire pois. Nearly every evening there is always a game of beach football which begins at 5 pm directly in front of Blue Ocean Beach with visitors always welcome to join in.

Nonetheless, if you can position yourself approximately 5.30 pm in one of the many beachfront cafes, you will be able to witness the marvellous spectacle of one of the world’s great sunsets. Even though the hawkers may be ever persistent, these sunsets are very spectacular and a sight for sore eyes!

Attractions in Legian are widely known to be very popular with younger surfers who go there in their droves to learn the basics in a more laid-back atmosphere with wide and golden beaches and spectacular backdrops of crashing waves, coupled with majestic ocean sunsets.

Kite flying, beach soccer, volleyball and massage can be all enjoyed on the sand, and while it is an energetic place, tit is rarely troubled by persistent beach hawkers. It usually remains busy until well after dark with strolling couples and guitar strumming youngsters – a great spot too for some people watching!

Moving over to the eastern outskirts of Legian is a beautiful museum and gallery devoted solely to sea shells. With more than 1,000 exotic species on display in a multitude of vivid colours, there are also some weird and wonderful stuffed sea creatures, crustaceans and a shark. Exhibits are lovingly arranged and illuminated and it makes for a pleasant diversion to the hours and hours on the beach.

Legian also can be called ‘low-key’ as a picture of relaxation. Ease away your cares by watching the evening fire spinners, whose quick hands pass orange balls of light through the sky. Sunbathers, body boarders and surfers share the calm ocean beach happily in front of the cafes, markets and restaurants, where cravings for merchandise and meals are satisfied. If you wish to mingle with the locals, you may be able to join in a game of football.

If ‘island time’ and indulging in a fabulous range of food and drink isn’t enough to relax you, there are spa treatments and day spas available all over Legian. Pedicures, manicures, hair braiding and informal massages can be enjoyed right on the beach or you can drop in at one of the many day spas for therapeutic massages, rempah and honey treatments, Javanese ‘lulur’ body scrubs, and clay body masks. Many spas offer treatments using luxurious virgin coconut oil and all services are very reasonably prices – far more inexpensive than you would be able to acquire at home.

Would you believe holiday shopping is one of Legian’s most popular activities with many boutiques offering big name surf wear at heavily reduced prices? Of course you would! There are a number of charming shops and stalls offering traditional Balinese wear that begins at only a few dollars and make excellent souvenirs or gifts. Jalan Padma is renowned for some of the best small trinkets, bead work and shells.

The weather at Legian is warm and mild with temperatures reaching 20˚C-33˚C most of the year round. The west monsoon season is characterised by sunny days, high humidity and brief but heavy downpours in December through to March. Cooler months are experienced from June to September with scarcely any rain in the low-lying coastal areas; having low humidity and cooler evening temperatures makes for great vacations.

The Sky Garden Lounge is part of an entertainment complex, with Sky Garden being a sophisticated rooftop venue serving bistro food and cocktails accompanied by funky music and spectacular fire shows with international DJs and dancers entertaining nightly.

Religion is of particular importance in the beliefs of the Balinese, and there are several traditions and rituals practiced yearly, covering the pathway from birth through to adolescence and then into marriage; following on is childbirth and ultimately passing away and the after-world. Art is interwoven with Legian Bali culture on a daily basis within the unique form of the Hindu religion known as Hindu Dharma. Because this religion is said to be the closest form with the social configuration in the early times of Java, Hindu Dharma has become diversified with bizarre legends and other philosophies.

However, not all the Balinese society has embraced this new mixture of religion, as some isolated groups of people known as Bali Aga live in the mountains of Tenganan and Trunyan and practice their own ancient religion based upon animist beliefs.

Indeed, one of the main attractions of Legian is its extravagant nightlife and for first-time visitors it may give the impression of another Kuta. Yet, after a day’s stay and an evening walk along the famous Double Six Beach, a night in a cosy club, then you may decide what to do with the rest of your vacation. As its name suggests, Legian is ‘sweet’ in Balinese, and it will certainly promise sweet memories of a Bali holiday.

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