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6 Reasons Why You Need Flowers Right Now

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6 Reasons Why You Need Flowers Right Now

6 Reasons Why You Need Flowers Right Now

If you are asked to enumerate 6 things in the world right now that scare you, you might give us more than 6. It is the reality today and aside from ranting on social media, praying, and some meditation, there is really nothing much you can do about it. Staying on the positive side might be hard but it is always worth the shot.

Before you go to any list about 'how to have a positive mindset,' we would like to take you back to the simplest form there is – spend more time with nature, spend more time with flowers!

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things about nature. The fine hues of red, yellow, and blue with matching sweet scents of roses, lilacs, and peonies will undoubtedly take you away from the stress and recharge you with a spirit ready for another hustle in the jungle of life. If this still does not convince you, how about a glimpse on our short list below on why you urgently need flowers now?

You mistake a news report on violence as a scene from your favorite TV series

The difference between fact and fiction now lies on a thin line. What happens on television is happening in real life and it's quite disturbing to know that you are living in the same world as the antagonist or the suspect in that news report rather. Oh well, time to turn off that television and go back to watering your flowers – at least they are tame and always so peaceful.

Lullabies make you cry

Lullabies are for making babies sleep and yet here you are – welling your eyes up. You must be exhausted from work and your boss's demands are taking a toll on you. Hush now, get your laptop and go buy some flowers from your favorite online florist. They know which one to get you and maybe they'll add some chocolates on the side.



 You pass by the park and you want to get some flowers but there is a 'no picking of flowers' sign

If you need flowers this bad then why are you still without flowers? Ok, as soon as you arrive home or at your workplace, make sure to order your favorite flowers quickly before you do some chores or reports – so while you are in the middle of your agenda, you can get a nice surprise from your florist hand-delivering the bouquet of your dreams on your doorstep. Now you have all the flowers to yourself!



While you were in the office somebody called on the phone and you answered “Hello, Good Flowers!”

Let's say this has happened one out of ten times to someone, you still need to consider this. The fact that your tongue slipped with the word 'flowers' then it only means you have been depriving yourself of the majestic presence of fragrant fresh blooms. Why would you allow that?! Order some flowers now!



While shopping, you noticed that you bought everything from clothes to kitchenware in floral designs

This can either be because you love floral patterns so much or you don't have real flowers at home. You always think twice of buying a vase with bouquet thinking it's expensive but it's not. It will be worth the money you will spend it for. Trust us, it's tried and tested.



Your life revolves on walls – walls of your office and walls around your house

Loosen up and break your daily routine with a new habit of buying flowers. Get one for yourself and send a bouquet to a family, friend, or a random person in your contacts. There's got to be more life than home and work – a life with flowers is a life more livable.