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A little about the famous Rose

Known as a ‘woody perennial of the genus Rosa’, is the beautiful plant called the Rose with more than 100 species and thousands of cultivars, or ‘garden roses’. These hardy plants can be trailing or climbing to seven meters with stems armed with sharp thorns, or shrubs in a family garden.

Roses vary in shape and size; can be large and impressive with colours from white to yellow and the ever-popular reds. The majority of the species are native to Asia; however some species are native to northwest Africa, North America and Europe.

Roses are grown for their beauty and fragrance and the name ‘rose’ originated from the French or Latin word ‘Rosa’. Also, the flowers of most species of the rose have five petals, except the Rosa sericea, which usually has only four.
There are four categories called: Hulthemia, Hesperrhodos, Platyrhodon, and the Rosa which is subdivided into another 11 categories. These are as follows:
  • Banksianae:- coloured white and yellow from China
  • Bracteatae:- two species from China and one from India
  • Caninae:- coloured pink and white from Asia, Europe and North Africa
  • Carolinae:- coloured white, pink and bright pink from North America
  • Chinensis:- white, pink, yellow, red and mixed colours from China and Burma
  • Gallicanae:- pink to crimson and striped colours from western Asia and Europe
  • Gymnocarpae:- only one species from western North America and others in east Asia
  • Laevigatae:- this is a single white coloured species from China
  • Pimpinellifoliae:- white, pink, bright yellow, mauve and striped species from Asia and Europe
  • Rosa:- white, pink, lilac, mulberry and red species from all areas except North Africa
  • Synstylae:- white, pink, and crimson flowers from all areas
How about some old-fashioned names? Well, we have favourites like Papa Meilland, Mr Lincoln, Avon and Kentucky; all of which have beautiful, fragrant red flowers, while the relatively new species Sir Donald Bradman is another red rose that is sure to appeal to any cricket lover.
Other roses have been chosen for their Valentine-friendly names such as Angel Face, My Hero, Best Friend, Sentimental or Seduction. Whatever the name, the rich, lustrous rose is a dignified and romantic messenger of love’s cheerfulness. The rose has been the royalty of the floral world!

While every flower has a delightful message to convey, the rose alone stands out in its plentiful history and colour significance. Used for hundreds of years to convey messages without words, roses have long been a symbol of ‘confidentiality’, which comes from the Latin expression ‘sub Rosa’ or ‘under the rose’, denoting something told in secret.

Irrespective of colour, their exceptional splendour and delicate fragrance carry a meaning certain to produce pleasure from the receiver, and desire from others.

With all the above, there is one message that has been known for ages, and that is a basket of red roses is the perfect gift of romance! The elegance and beauty or the rose guarantees it pleases everybody, and whether you are conveying an arrangement or a single rose, there is always an essential message to the symbol.