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Fruit Hamper

Taste delicious in colors with our fully-loaded fruits hamper. An ideal gift for a celebration which caters to those who believe that health is truly one’s wealth. Fruits Hamper is one our bestselling gift packs during holidays where fruits serve as a delicious dessert after a hefty, flavoursome grand feast.

Get ready for some sweetness and a variety of flavours in one basket full of fresh produce of kiwis, grapes, bananas, mangoes, avocadoes, pineapple and a whole lot more. This is also a recommended bouquet paired gift for someone who has newly recovered from the hospital or someone who just gave birth. 

Fruits are nutritious and tasty thus, is the well-preferred choice when it comes to sending an edible treat for someone who is health-conscious. Send this yummy and thoughtful gift to your recipient today. Our fruit hamper is a best match to our citrus and plum inspired bouquets here at Lily’s Florist Bali.

Chocolate Hamper

All the chocolate lovers would agree that one bar of chocolate is and will never be enough for a day! For an emergency situation like that, our Chocolate Hamper will be at your service. Imagine a basket full of mixed chocolate treats, it’s like choco heaven here on earth that anyone would absolutely long for.

Lily’s Florist Bali works hard to make your flower and chocolate dreams come true with our hand-arranged products. Since chocolates and flowers have been a power gift tandem for romantic gifts, we take tradition to technology as we offer to deliver this Chocolate Hamper along with our bouquets and bunches to your doorstep or your recipient’s home in Bali, whether it’s in Denpasar, Seminyak, Kuta, or in Nusa Dua.

Milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate and all kinds of chocolate flavors in one basket hamper is soon to be yours. Order this mouth-watering gift today.

Bottles of Red, White, Sparkling and Flowers

It’s hard to choose one when you want it all. Back then, you thought that getting everything you want all at once will be impossible. Here at Lily’s Florist Bali, we chase and catch the dreams for you so we decided to offer you our best bottles of red, white, and sparkling wine in one gift together with our fresh and fragrant designer blooms hand-arranged by the most skilled florists in Bali.

Share this glorious moment with friends and family who would enjoy the different variation of our wine hamper that can fit each of their taste preferences. There is the red wine for the romantics, the white wines for the luxurious, and the sparkling wine for those who always love a chat and a rub of elbows here and there.

The best flower and wine gift is now within reach through Lily’s Florist Bali’s same day delivery. Order from our secured website.

Cheese, Fruit, Red & White Wine Hamper

Do you know that there is such thing as a perfect combination? A hot cup of coffee on a rainy weather is one, flowers and chocolates are next, and for those who are fond of spirits – they like the pair of cheese and wine the best! 

The ultimate gift-giving experience can now be fulfilled through Lily’s Florist Bali’s same day delivery of floral gifts. Aside from flowers, we want to offer our solid patrons with a vast range of fine gift items that would make any kind of recipient happy. From family to friends, from colleagues to bosses – this pair-up of cheese, fruits, red and white wine is the gift to beat.

You can count on this quadruple treat to satisfy your recipient on any occasion, especially on birthdays and anniversaries where a bottle of wine wins hearts. Send the best gift in Bali now, order this product for same day delivery and pay via Paypal or your preferred credit card.

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