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Sending Your Holiday Greetings Through Flowers

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The holidays are coming but you can't still seem to feel it in the atmosphere. When you were a child, you remember it to be a little bit more festive as the days approach your most favorite time of the year – Christmas! But then, you realize that part of the being an adult is not seeing the essence of it until you fully see the sparkling lights, the overflowing colors, and the joyous reactions of people to Christmas decorations

Surely, you are missing something. You look around and you get confused because you have set up the Christmas tree but there seems to be something lacking.

Aha! You have not still displayed your Christmas flowers like the poinsettias and the superbly refreshing appearance of green foliage that blends perfectly with your other decorations. Better get your online delivery florist on its way before the dullness gets to your first!

Wait! Yes, the flowers are ever so important and it would really make a huge difference with the holiday spirit you have been expecting to experience. But you are forgetting one important thing that would really answer your seemingly never ending quest for the merriest feeling as the merriest time of the year is approaching.

It's also the season of giving! Have you made your Christmas list? It's better to make that list as early as possible so you won't miss a name and you will make gift-giving as meaningful as possible for someone. Receiving a gift that is especially thought for you is one of the loveliest things that can happen on the annual  Yuletide season.

Since traditions already made you keen on sharing food on this day, there's one more thing you can offer to complete the best day of the year. Feel the joy more with flowers sent to your family, friends, and loved ones!

Flowers make great holidays gifts because you can match the qualities of the present to the personality of your recipient while not getting worried that you might send the same one as the others.

Make the gift-giving almost perfect if not perfect by following the useful tips below.

Know your recipients – If you can't think of a gift choice for a person, always choose flowers. Since flowers are general and specific at the same time, you can send it to anyone you know like your childhood friend, your child's teacher, the neighbour next door, your great grandaunt, and even your colleagues and boss. Be careful though to send it to someone who will not misinterpret your gesture.



Level-up on your flower choices – While all flowers are beautiful for this occasion, you can put a touch of theme in every flower you send. It shall be easy since florists usually source flowers which are on-demand every Christmas. You can expect to choose among red, white, and green flowers and foliage. Aside from poinsettias, you can also send the year-long regulars like roses, carnations, mum's, lilies and daisies.



Don't forget the fun and treats – Most florists offer pre-packed floral gifts which have both flowers and edible treats like chocolates and fruits or those with balloons and teddy bear. For adult recipients, you can also opt for those that come with a bottle of red or white wine and sparkling. These would definitely be appreciated by your recipient since flowers and nice things go very well with the holiday celebration.



Personalize it – Aside from taking the color, kind, form, and style in consideration according to your recipient's preferences, you can personalize it more by adding a short gift card message bearing your name. You can also offer this gift to those who don't share the same tradition but are important to your life.

Once you have completed your Christmas give list, then you are ready mix and match the flowers for each of your recipient!