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How to prepare for a holiday party with your in-laws

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It’s finally happening! You are spending the holidays this year with your other half’s parents and siblings. This is the first time, so expect your nerves to be more active, but let this be a time for you to go the extra mile and think on how to prepare for a big moment like this.

There are many thoughts running in your head right now – will they like my cooking? What should I bring? How should I greet them, with a hug or a peck on the cheek? How should I dress, converse, and many more things?

Even if your significant other assures you that you should not worry too much about pleasing his or her family, you know that their opinion about you matters to you and your spouse. But don’t fret too much, aside from your bubbly personality and pleasing aura, you can take advantage of our holiday preparation recommendations below.

Do your research

Also known as stalking...just kidding! In a nutshell, take advantage of technology and browse through your in-laws’s social media account to get a vibe of what they are like. Are they the conservative type? Do they love sweets? Do they love watching movies? Are they festive during holiday celebrations? This information will be handy once you get to mingle with them. No time for social media? Take a shortcut and ask directly from the best source – your spouse!

Learn a chocolate chip cookie recipe

Or any other homemade recipes that you can learn, cook, and bring on the table on the day of the celebration. Better if you have a family recipe you can ask from your mother or grandma so the other side of the family can also experience the tasteful dish handed down from your past generation. Allot time in mastering this recipe so you won’t disappoint the most important taste buds in the dining table. Don’t have time to cook? If you’re buying, stick to dishes with organic ingredients or those without allergens.

Shop for the perfect outfit

And by this, perfect means you are comfortable and able to express your character in your chosen clothing...of course you should also consider the occasion at hand. If you already have a plan about what you’re wearing, ask some input from your partner if it’s going to be appropriate for the holiday gathering. Remember not to lose your individuality in the process, they will love the true you anyway!


Offer a personalized holiday keepsake

A lot of people appreciate a little holiday token every now and then. Ask your partner which kinds of gift will make it to his family’s taste. It can be an ornament personalized with their family surname embossed on it or a handcrafted picture frame, table mat, or a lovely table centrepiece that matches their home’s color motif. You can get some ideas online and even ask your partner to help you with this awesome holiday project.

Don’t forget the flowers!

Forget everything but the flowers! These fragrant creatures of nature are a staple during holiday celebrations so you really have to do the effort and find an attractive bouquet that can grace the family festivity. Contact your florist for holiday flower arrangements which fit the family vibe. Is it roses, lilies, or carnations? You can even bring in some anthuriums for a merrier mood.

Bring hand-arranged flowers that are ready for display and can serve as a table centrepiece. Some florists offer a bottle of wine with their flowers, so go get one for a moment of happy cheers.

After all these preparations, keep in mind that there will always be room for them to love you since you are already a part of their family. So no matter what kind of preparations you make for this year’s grand holiday affair, remember to have fun!