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​Best Flower Bouquets for New Beginnings

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Rising up to every challenge you encounter in your lifetime always deserves a celebration. It doesn’t need to be grand nor a well-attended ceremony; you can celebrate the victory by yourself or with a gorgeous bunch of flowers. Flowers have always been associated to acknowledging accolades and all but the greatest achievement one can have is deciding once and for all to have a new beginning despite the downfalls.

Turned down for a job but found your passion? Failed a project but gained experience? Lost a relationship but acquired wisdom? Every time you fall, there is always an opportunity to rise. When this happens, Lily’s Florist Bali wants to celebrate this new beginning with you. This time of reassessment may be glorified by sending flowers to people who have been instrumental in this great milestone.

Here are flowers which can signify a new beginning for you, a friend, or a loved one.

Calla Lilies

This silk-laden and luxurious flower which gained popularity not only for its beauty but also because of the beautiful history behind its origins is one of the most sought-after flowers when it comes to happy beginnings. Calla lilies can be given as an arranged bouquet or a potted plant.

A calla lily flower shares the same name with lily flowers but not part of the lily family and has origins from South Arica. It bears many nicknames like pig lily, arum, or trumpet lily. These flowers are commonly associated to resurrection, especially with its luminous white and waxy flowers.

The yellow variant of calla lilies is also considered to mark a rebirth and change. Lily’s Florist Bali offers a bouquet arrangement of calla lilies you can send for same day delivery.


Carefree and joyful as ever are the daffodils. You will never find a lonely bone with this one because the aura of daffodils is scenery taken out from a painting. Known as a spring flower, these yellow trumpet flowers are not only shining in yellow but also in assorted hues of green and pink.

Since the daffodils are blooming in spring, when new life flourishes in nature, it is understandable why daffodils symbolize renewal and introspection for better awareness. With this, daffodils will always be a prerequisite when you want to commemorate a new beginning whether it is for yourself or for someone else.

Lily’s Florist Bali also offers yellow gerbera daisies which are as equally jubilant like daffodils.


Do not be surprised if roses are also in the list. Whether it’s romance or something else, there is no question that roses really do emit a universal vibe which can represent everything including starting again. It does not matter if you have fallen a thousand times, the instance you decide you will stand up again – that will be your greatest achievement.

With its overflowing presence in weddings which signals a new partnership between two people who love each other, roses seem to take hold of its stature as a flower which can signify new relationships. Whether the color of the rose is red, pink, blue, or white – the intention of new beginnings will always be there.

Need help deciding on which roses to give? Our florists here at Lily’s Florist Bali will be happy to help.


These flowers are ever so welcoming. With their various colors and fluffiest flowers, there is no doubt you can send carnations to celebrate a birth of a new bundle of joy. There are a thousand and more reasons to celebrate the coming of a baby and the best way to emphasize it is through a florist-made arrangement of carnations.

Apart from these baby flowers, white carnations are also recommended to be sent for someone who is planning to take on a new venture in life. Lily’s Florist Bali has exquisite collection of carnation flower bouquets.

For your new beginnings, shop for the best flowers now at Lily’s Florist Bali.